1. Avoid flushing grease, egg shells, coffee grounds, plastic and other debris down kitchen drain lines and the garbage disposal.
  2. Pour a few ounces of Clorox bleach down the AC condensate drain line during the cooling season, this will prevent algae growth in the condensate water.
  3. Do not flush anything down the toilet except for toilet tissue paper and human waste. Female hygiene products, birth control devices, plastic bags, q-tips, sanitary napkins, paper towels, dental floss, paper cups, long pieces of hair, cat litter, dirty underwear, diapers and other products that are frequently in the bathroom can clog the toilet or the downstream system drainage system downstream. Homes with sewage ejector pumps serving the bathroom are most likely to have a pump failure if improper items are flushed.
  4. Enzyme treatments are great for cleaning the scum build up in the pipes and killing odor causing bacteria.
  5. Replace old leaking cast iron pipe with PVC pipe. Leaking cast iron can create an unsanitary living conditions as well as start the growth of black mold.
  6. Perform a camera inspection of your main sewer line. Hydro jet any section with bad slope on the pipes every few years. Restaurants should hydro jet all grease line every few months to make sure the system stays flowing a t full capacity.